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  • Debt-free before your due date

    Clearing debt before baby

    There’s no better motivator than a baby on the way to get a financial fresh start. If you have credit card debt hanging over your head, make the moves, right now, to be debt-free before your due date.

  • Budgeting for baby

    Budgeting for baby- prepare and plan your finances

    Worried about how you’re going to afford a baby? If you’ve found yourself with a nine-month deadline to get your finances in order, here’s how to budget and plan for the new arrival.

  • Can you afford to stay at home?

    How much time can you take off from work?

    New mums are faced with one of the most difficult dilemmas during the most stressful times of their lives: do you stay at home to look after your child, or go back to work? And can you afford not to?

  • Baby Equipment – What do you really need?

    Baby equipment small

    Expecting a baby and gone into nesting mode? Not so fast – before you start stocking up on ‘must-haves’ for the nursery, consider what you’ll really need and what might just end up on eBay.

  • The pain-free family budget - and how to stick to it!

    family budget

    We all know we need one, but if you dread having to live by a budget, forget the idea that it’s all about what you can’t have. It’s a way of planning what you can have. Stick to some rules, give yourself space and you’ll see family finances aren’t that hard to handle.

  • Survive school holidays on a budget

    Surive school holidays

    Keeping the kids amused throughout school holidays is no mean feat – and it can clean out your wallet, too. But entertaining your children doesn’t have to be about forking out for endless tickets – the beach or a day at the park are always foolproof options, but with a little planning and some new ideas, you can avoid the dreaded ‘Mum… I’m bored’.

  • 5 Steps to a debt-free family holiday

    family holiday small

    Nothing kills a holiday glow like a holiday debt. And it’s not just the travel costs and accommodation that can be the culprit – eating every meal out, entry tickets to see the sights and souvenirs for the kids all take a chunk. Here’s how to keep that holiday buzz and avoid the blowout.


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From tragedy to triumph: one mum's story of strength

When Emma McLeod's daughter was stillborn, her world was shattered. But the grieving mum found the strength to stay positive, now she wants to share what she has learnt with others facing adversity.

Product recall for range of Britax prams

Britax has announced a product recall of several pram styles stemming from safety concerns overseas.

Kardashians Kids: clothes for babies and toddlers

The Kardashian clan has launched a collection of outfits for babies and toddlers. Available exclusively at Babies R Us, the range offers sweet details including gold touches, butterflies, leopard print and lace. (All prices in US.)

A home for life for seven kids in need

Sandra and David thought they'd finished raising children - but then they found a child in need. And another one. And another, and another ...

Vintage knitting patterns for baby and toddler clothes

Check out these adorable knits from yesteryear, featuring great vintage styles and detailing.

Dad starts 'Project Breastfeeding' to help support mums

In a bid to support breastfeeding women everywhere, a US dad has decided to get more fathers involved in actively supporting breastfeeding.

Cool Cozy Coupe modifications

The classic Little Tykes Cozy Coupe gets a makeover with these homemade modifications. If there's not one lying around in your backyard or shed, grab one at the nearest garage sale - then let your imagination run wild!

One man's mission to improve women's lives

Most men prefer not to think much about women's menstrual cycles. But this man made it his life's work to improve female hygiene for women in poverty.

Win a Protect-a-bed prize pack

Even mums can't fully control things like asthma, allergies and bedwetting accidents - and that’s how Protect-A-Bed® can help. Its waterproof, breathable protectors promote a dry, hygienic, anti-allergy sleep zone.

'That's okay Mummy, I'll find Daddy': heartbreak over missing flight MH370

As the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues, stories are emerging from the loved ones of the missing - including special gifts left behind, and excitement over a first grandchild.

Mum labelled a 'tramp' for breastfeeding in public

When a mum was photographed and labelled a tramp for breastfeeding her baby in public, she was spurred on to create an event to help all mums.

Complaints against anti-vaccine group's charity status

An Australian anti-vaccination group should have its charity licence removed because of irregularities in its financial statements and its lack of charity work, critics say.

Best toilet training books for kids

Thinking about starting to toilet train your child, or are you already involved in the process? We’ve got some great books to help along the way.

Pregnant women encouraged to vaccinate before deadly flu season hits

It might start with a sniffle or a sneeze but influenza can be deadly, killing more than 3500 high-risk Australians each year.

A guide to choosing godparents

Choosing your child's godparents (or mentors, guide-parents or guardians) can be a tricky decision. Parents and an expert offer advice and their stories on how they picked the people best suited to the role.

It turns out 'the five second rule' is real

This week has seen a stunning breakthrough in scientific research. Brace yourself, because it’s absolutely huge.

The hardest decision to make at 40

I have to either submit to a procedure that I desperately don’t want or make my husband to have a baby he doesn’t want. The decision is the heaviest burden I have shouldered.

Download now: Essential Kids Activity Finder app

Got bored kids? Quickly find the best activities for kids wherever you are in Australia with the Essential Kids app.

Killer elephant halts rampage to save baby girl

A killer tusker elephant was on a rampage when it stopped to carefully unearth a crying baby girl beneath the rubble of the house it had begun to demolish.

Why I have mixed feelings about our happy news

We did something that, at times, I never thought was possible: we conceived. But part of me still thinks this is all an elaborate hoax.

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Win a Protect-a-bed prize pack

The Protect-A-Bed's waterproof, breathable protectors promote a dry, hygienic, anti-allergy sleep zone.

Books for toilet training

There are some great books that can help you introduce your child to toilet training. Look for these at your local book store, library or online book store.

New Dr Seuss/Converse designs for kids

We love these Dr Seuss Converse sneaker for kids - so cute!

The adult-sized Cozy Coupe

Forget about kid-sized Ferraris - the ultimate way to turn heads on the road is with this adult-sized version of the iconic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.

Most creative Russian wedding photos

Heavily Photoshopped and featuring very creative poses, these hilarious images give us a glimpse into the sense of fun many couples share.

Mum labelled a 'tramp' for breastfeeding in public

The ridiculous event that spurred on a mum on to create an event to educate all.

Couple has triplets then twins in one year

A couple has had their dream of starting a family come true in a way they never would have imagined.

A guide to choosing godparents

Choosing your child's godparents can be a tricky decision - here's some advice on how to pick the people best suited to the role.

19 things I've learnt as a mum

There's a steep learning curve when you become a parent - and here are some of the random lessons I've learnt on the job.

From tragedy to triumph

When Emma McLeod's daughter was stillborn, her world was shattered. Now she wants to share what she has learnt with others.

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